Thursday, August 23, 2007


Today was the last week of team play, which means it was position around where the 1st & 2nd teams play, then 3rd & 4th place teams, etc. The teams in the back lanes were all on the bubble. In Summer League, the top half of the teams get to go to a post season tournament called Jubilee, which consists of nearly 300 teams from all over Northern California. Last year, we won 10th place! No one expected us to go that far. I don't know how we do it, we just always find a way to win.

My first two games tonight sucked, but dad, dad was on a roll. He found out how we got patches and he decided he wanted a patch. First game he hit 180. Second game he went for broke and nailed a 206! Ended the series with a 501 which should be good for a patch and a pin!

We went in with a .500 record in 12th place so we were occupying the spot that the 7 other teams in the back lanes were vying for. The teams were just 4 games away from taking our spot, the last one that got them a ticket to the Jubilee tournament.

We lost the first game by 4 pins! We came back to win the 2nd game with dad blowing everyone out of the water. As each of the sets of lanes finished I would run to check the game spread. In my head, we've already won one, they can't catch up. In the third game, dad started getting fatigued, so it was time to put my game into action. I wasn't about to go an even 2-2. With a 98 in the 7th frame, I go on a 4 bagger run for a 187.

Coach looks at me and asks, "Where have you been all game?" I just look at him blankly, "What? I'm here when it counts!"

So, no, no 600 series this summer, but we got into Jubilee! We always find a way to win!

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