Monday, August 20, 2007

So you think?

While I hardly ever watch American Idol, I am completely addicted to the various dancing competitions like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. This season of SYTYCD was especially packed with wonderful dancers in the top ten. I was enamored with Danny, but was still happy that Sabra, the pint sized powerhouse, won.

Many of the reality competition shows have some kind of post-season tour. I had thought about getting tickets to the Rockstar tours, but my favorites didn't win, so I passed.

Anyway, this season of dancers SYTYCD were simply enchanting, then I found out they're coming to Oakland. Since much of my family was into that show, we got tickets for the tour show at the end of November.

In the same way that Dancing With the Stars showed that just about anyone can learn to dance ballroom and that ballroom is a fun, hip, enjoyable pastime, I really appreciated how SYTYCD introduced so many forms of dance to a wider audience from krumpin' to contemporary to varying forms of hip-hop, to various ballroom forms. Not sure if that'll mean more people will want to buy tickets to an Alvin Ailey show or maybe check out the next contemporary dance show at Yerba Buena or maybe you'll find more people looking for krumpin' vids on youtube. Who knows? But for a person that loves dance, any kind of dance, SYTYCD is really satisfying.

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