Wednesday, September 19, 2007


a few days before the wedding, my sister and I went to get our eyebrows threaded at a shop near the campus. I'd gotten my brows plucked before, a dreadful experience I really hated. But a coworker recommended threading and I always wanted to try it. She said that her Taiwanese grandmother told her that brides would get their entire face threaded before the wedding. I wonder if that was to give them a super smooth face. My coworker has since gone to waxing, but I can't bear to think of letting anyone put hot wax near my eyes or face.

It was the Saturday of the big Tennessee game (which Cal won! go Bears!) so we had to pay extra to even park somewhere.

There was a line of women at the shop and I'm thinking it will take an hour to get through folks, but each session was about 5-7 minutes, done!

Pros: Because they take the hair off in a line, it's much easier for them to see the shape of the brow immediately. They yank a whole line of hair in a blink. No stabbing the eye area. really easy to get the under brow area. Super clean look. less than $10.

Cons: well like most hair removal it hurts (I don't know how most women can sit there without flinching.) And in my case I was allergic to the finishing oil they put, which went away with soap and water. (glad it wasn't the day of the wedding!)

We were hooked! Best damn eyebrow experience we've ever had!

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