Wednesday, September 19, 2007

rummaging the closet

My brother is looking for his sense of style. It doesn't happen overnight and if anything it happens over time.

I have to say I've come to a happy medium with my closet. Oh there's always something that I can't quite let go of, but for the most part the clothes fit and not just fit but fit well. And while I know my weight hasn't really fluctuated, except a few pounds up or down as it regularly does, alot of people recently have been asking me if I lost weight. To which I smile graciously, thank them, and say no. And I think alot of that has to do with the style of clothing that I've been putting together. They say it all the time in the style shows, wear the right clothing and suddenly you have a figure you didn't think you had.

I've had help along the way from various fashion mags, and most especially very supportive friends (both male and female, hetero and not) giving various tips, hints, and reactions.

I'm glad that when I was growing up I wasn't too enthralled by having the latest fashions because I think it's made it alot easier for me now to pick clothing not because everyone else is wearing it but because it works for me.

Growing up my sister and I shared alot of clothes, or more like I would borrow her clothes and she would scream at me, but that's what you get for sharing a room and a closet. ha! Anyway, now that we're past all that puberty body changing stage, it turns out that although we look alike, we have completely didn't body shapes so we don't do so much clothing exchanging any more.

We've also done a reworking of the hubby's closet, changing colors around, getting rid of anything that doesn't fit right. I mean, if you think about, why wear something that doesn't fit right, you're just asking to be irritable. And while it's sad that an old pair of pants no longer fits the way it did in college, maybe it's best that you don't and they don't.

We're also making sure our closets are filled with the basic fashion essentials. For both closets: slacks in black, gray and khaki, button down shirts in white and light blue, two pairs of good jeans. For him: a black and/or blue suit (refitted every 2 years or so), black and brown dress shoess. For her: pair of black or brown comfortable pumps, black/white tank top, turtlenecks. And then build off there.

It's easy enough to get rid of the ill fitting and worn out clothing. Done. One tip to figure out how to get rid of the rest, as you pull out hangers of clothing to wear, put them back in the closet at the end of the rack so after a couple of months the stuff on the other end is probably stuff you didn't take out at all (the when was the last time you wore this side). Another tip I liked was sorting clothes in color order so you know that when you go out, you really don't need to buy another short sleeved black shirt, now really?

The biggest myth I've busted with myself in terms of changing my wardrobe is that I thought it would cost a whole hell of alot. But just because I take something out of the closet doesn't necessarily mean I replace it. Maybe I had too many khaki slacks. And if you shop well enough, you don't always have to go to Ross to find everything because there are still really good deals at outlets (love Nordstrom's outlet) and department store sales, you just have to be patient and have faith that the thing you want will come. I've often gone to stores trying on several items and walk away with nothing and I've also gone into stores thinking I won't buy anything and yet come out with bags.

When I was young, I thought people into fashion and style were snooty and/or shopaholics and while there are those, like most things it doesn't have to be that way.

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