Wednesday, October 17, 2007

if you liked Quantum Leap...

My friend had been raving to me about Journeyman, a new show on NBC, but we don't have cable and don't have very good reception of NBC. And even though I still couldn't watch it, he kept telling me about how great it was. Um, could you not tempt me with something I don't have?

But after going to the NBC website to catch the latest episode of Heroes, I noticed that NBC extended its list of full shows to included Journeyman, so of course, I had to check out an episode.

Journeyman is about a guy who keeps bouncing back into to time tracking people's lives and returning when he's done. I was a huge Quantum Leap fan, so I was instantly hooked on Journeyman. But unlike that show, he doesn't have a sidekick and he's got a family, a wife, a kid, and a job back in the real time, to whom he's got to explain where he's been. He'll feel like he's gone for 15 minutes but it was really 3 hours. And since he can't control it, he doesn't know when he'll jump. So far he's crashed his car and got on the no-fly list (because he jumped while he was on a plane). Bonus is that it's set in San Francisco.

What I really love about the writing is the relationship with his wife. He found a way to prove to his wife that he wasn't crazy or on drugs or having an affair. Oh, he used to be on drugs and a heavy gambler. And did I mention a bit of a love triangle? With his ex-fiancee he thought died in a crash but actually was jumping time as well. The hubby was thinking, maybe she's the devil. Hmmm...maybe, I'll have to see.

Journeyman isn't getting the ratings it needs, but so was the fate of Quantum Leap until a letterwriting campaign kept it on the air. But better than a letter, I'm also sure they're counting the web hits of the people watching the shows online. So, check it out. You won't be disappointed.

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