Friday, October 19, 2007

it's away

Actually a couple of things have set sail as of yesterday. We await their return in glorious form.

It's been a "you're in charge" kind of week. Nice that people have confidence in my decision making and ability to take care of things. Though it's nice to be "acting" for a short time period because it's also nice to hand it back. Kind of like for people who like kids but don't want to have kids. Yes it was fun, but please, take them back.

I'm subbing for bowling for the next few weeks and actually did pretty well averaging 157 a game. I'm consistent even though I'm not bowling every week. One of the other bowlers was impressed at how far I've progressed from the first time I touched a bowling ball. Hell I was happy to break 100 then. But now I have the ability to go on strike runs at the end of the game. I hit a turkey last night. Though I bowled decently well we only won 1 game. But last week the team lost all 4, so one is better than none.

This weekend is filled with 1 year old birthday parties. And perhaps some time to get back to a few personal projects.

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