Friday, October 19, 2007

not so desperate Asians on tv

Alot of petitions and email going around about a script line from a popular tv show. But as of late, I've been watching alot of great tv with Asian actors in them.

The rundown so far:

Actor: Will Yun Lee - Bionic Woman - Plays Jay, an operative in the covert lab that creates super human beings.

I still have to look up the actor's name - Pushing Daisies - The 3rd generation Chinese American grandson of a former railroad worker that became a decorated Civil War soldier. He seeks his family honor from a pilfering funeral director who stole his grandpappy's sword that should have been buried. Role includes some nice swordplay action.

Actor: Alex Mapa - Ugly Betty - Alex has scored a reoccurring role of the host of a entertainment design gossip show.

Journeyman and Bionic Woman are both set in SF. Journeyman trying to be accurate to the time he passes to has been quite good so far in its more realistic casting.

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