Tuesday, October 02, 2007

i've heard there's no pain in the brain

I've heard the brain has no pain receptors, then why does my brain hurt so?

My group has been assigned a complicated, highly visible large new group to attend to their desktop needs. Which is currently using up much of my brain skills right now: well crafted emails to varying parties, constant phone calls to vendors, physically crawling around looking for computers in a large warehouse, and consolidating all of this on paper. Plus on top of that I've had to cram an 8 day training course on learning to supervise that includes several days of HR lectures. It hasn't been leaving me much brain power nor desire to touch a computer to work on other things that I need to be attending to. But I'm finding time. I have to.

But I'm enjoying the recuperative nature of Dancing with the Stars (Jane Seymour is still hot! And Marie Osmond is charming as ever. But Helio an the Cheetah girl may be the ones to beat)

I've been sick twice this month with two different colds which have forced me to sleep through most of the weekends. Though we spent last Saturday babysitting the twins with my parents, which in and of itself is a rejuvenating thing for the spirit while physically draining as we taught them about lemon and apple trees and watched the airplanes pass in the sky. Only once did one the twins smack the other in the back of the head. I just love how they go "smack!" then look at you like they didn't do anything.

In another week, 2 years will have gone by with a blink of the eye. And since time is just whizzing past, I better go enjoy the breeze of it whooshing by.

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