Monday, October 29, 2007

moving on, moving up

Our favorite sushi chef is leaving to start up his own restaurant in Walnut Creek. He said he'll call us when they open.

A bit sad that we will no longer stop off at the old restaurant. We met the owners and didn't like their attitude and expect the quality of the restaurant to soon match their attitude.

But we do look forward to his new restaurant, which will be a classic Japanese sushi restaurant with wait staff for every 4-5 tables. He deserves more than he was getting at the old restaurant and we're very happy that he's really getting the kind of restaurant he deserves.

I can see how avid foodies keep track of which chefs are where. A really good chef sets the tone of the entire restaurant through the menu and cuisine. They set the standard and expectation of the people eating there.

Tomo is definitely a guy to follow, so we'll be going to Walnut Creek more often. His new restaurant will be called Tomo's House in Japanese. It'll be near downtown near that shopping district with Nordstrom's. Location is everything afterall.

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