Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So I don't really know if Facebook is worth $15 billion, but then if you're microsoft $240 million is enough to place a bet that it might be.

In any case, of all the social networking sites, I like Facebook the most for all of it's little apps that actually create some level of interaction between the users. Favorite app so far, Scrabulous, which is basically scrabble games that you can have with up to 3 of your friends or with random other people who love scrabble as much as you do. Of course, since a game can run for several days as you wait people to log on, you do have all that time to wander through your dictionary.

(the one thing I don't like about online dictionaries? I can't just flip through to learn random new words. ok back to the actual post.)

Major bow down props to THE Carbonator as he slapped the word "Eminent" that also created three other words: "he", "em", and "ti". smack that! 96 points! oh, snap! He ain't a Zombie Lich for nothing!

So far Scrabulous is one of the more interactive and entertaining aspects of facebook, along with the Facebook Review, ala the North American Review that was recently published.

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