Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Lunch Treat

In my wallet I had a hand signed raincheck from the proprietor of Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen on Shattuck for a slice of pecan pie. I had ate there on Mardi Gras and had ordered pecan pie only to be told they had run out. It was Mardi Gras and it was a shame not to have a fattening sweet treat for then.

I hadn't had a chance to eat there til yesterday when I thought it would be a good place to have lunch on Halloween. One of the waiters dressed up as a cheesy French waiter complete with black beret and fake black mustache.

Feeling rather indulgent, I really went for it on this meal: po' boy oyster sandwich with cup of gumbo, swamp juice, and the pecan pie for dessert.

They also have lighter fair: pasta and salads with some cajun spice to it for those not wanting the heart burn/heart attack meal that I had.

The po' boy was excellent! The oysters coated in a crisp corn meal sitting on the soft homemade bread simply melted in your mouth. I was through half a sandwich before I even knew it! The cup of gumbo is no dinky cup either since it has to fit the rather large spoon they give you. Their gumbo is not overtly spicy, but that good spiciness that creeps up on you and before you realize it you're needing a napkin to blow your nose. But if you need more heat there are plenty of bottles of hot sauce. When they say stick-to-your-ribs-goodness, you know what they mean when you eat this gumbo.

I had to hold back from eating the entire po' boy, which is not po' and occupies way more than a boy's appetite, to make room for the pecan pie. The pie was topped with home made whipped cream with the tell tale soft peaks and not the ready-whip striations. The pie was sweet but not too sweet and had that nice light caramelized taste that set off the sweet cream well. Oh so yummy!

The burn from the gumbo left a warm feeling for an hour after lunch, so it's not the kind of place I would go for dinner unless you give yourself plenty of digestion time after the meal. But it's certainly the kind of place that makes you want more and makes you want to go to Louisiana if the food is this good.

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