Thursday, November 01, 2007

making space

The glacial body adjustments caused by my braces has now made its way to the middle of my back and the lower ribs. It's like having that stiff muscle that you just can't stretch out. Not too painful but dreadfully annoying. Yet, I am learning about the multiple muscle layers that make up the core that I remember coloring in anatomy class. If I had known it was going to be like this, I might not have gotten braces, but while I'm here I might as well make it a good thing.

As my body creates space, I've started making space in my physical surroundings which includes consolidating to a smaller storage locker, rearranging closets, and creating enough space in the bedroom floor so I can do my morning and evening yoga. I'm hoping in creating space externally, will help with my body creating space internally. And while I mostly talk of the physical layers here, there are spiritual and philosophical layers to this I don't discuss in this forum. But in the end, as bothersome as these physical things are, they represent significant changes that I hope will bring about greater things in my life. Sometimes you have to get things in order, before you can go anywhere.

In our last class, Tuhan mentioned the book, The Tipping Point. The main example of the idea is that it's the little things that can turn a neighborhood around: removing the graffiti, weeding and mowing the lawn, picking up the garbage, stopping the petty crimes. But that you have to be consistent and immediate in your reaction to these small things. But this idea works with alot of other things in our lives that we are hoping to change.

So creating space in the bedroom is the start of a personal experiment to take care of the little things in that room and see how it expands. I know the body and mind will resist, thus the aches and stiffness this past week. The clutter attracts one kind of energy, the openness attracts another for good or for bad.

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