Monday, November 12, 2007

i had plans

I had plans today to do laundry, sort clothes, bake apple pie and learn to make potato gnocchi, but the morning is cold and the comforter is warm and I've barely budged.

The hubby had to go to work today and I watched him do sit-ups (an odd thing for him to do.) But sometimes there's no need to question things.

We babysat the nieces on Friday evening while the parents had a date night. One bawled at the idea of the parents leaving, the other casually said goodbye and kept playing. When I was a kid, I was the bawler afraid of my parents disappearing into the dark night.

We let the twins stay up late to finish watching TV. Apparently they had expected to watch Barney, a routine we were not informed about. We had deprived them of Barney (thankfully for me). They actually copy the movements from the sign time dvd. And they ask for more though I'm not sure more of what?

Saturday we helped a friend close his recently deceased father's store. It was a 99 cent store full of all sorts of random items. Even we bought off some of the items: crayons and pens to stock the elementary school in the province and votive candles for the church there. We personally stocked up on wrapping paper, gift bags and greeting cards. The store was his father's life, a life his sons must now disassemble and sell off.

60 Minutes did a story on the Millenial generation, those who came of age after 2000. How this generation jumps jobs every year perhaps finding their "calling". Adulthood apparently doesn't start until 26/27 and the stigma of living at home after college is barely a scar. They say that some of them are truly hard working and talented and resourceful while the other half is incorrigible with no sense of others because it's about what everyone can do for me.

My cousin dislikes illegal immigrants and thinks they should stand in line just like everyone else. Like many immigrants his view of America is contrasted by the Philippines and its lawlessness. America is a place of rules and of order. Illegals in his mind are going against the American grain. And yet, when I meet illegals, I find them to have a sense of America as the land of opportunity moreso than any other group. They know this is borrowed time and that they must leverage this moment for all that it's worth and yet not do anything to call attention to themselves. They are here for their families, for people they may never return home to see. I admire them for their bravery, it's not that easy of a life when you know it could be gone tomorrow.

I chatted with a cousin looking for work in Dubai. Her job as a sales associate barely pays for a bed to sleep in. She wants to come here or maybe Canada. But for now, must wait. Her boss is Canadian. She wants to help her parents and siblings. She is trying to be patient and have faith in God and God's plan for her. She wants to go back to the Philippines to perhaps score a chance to go to another country.

My parents will soon be getting dsl and off the dial up and even wireless. It's funny us kids can't live without high speed now. Complete junkies to the download of information. Though my cousin asked if I could video chat, but I could not. Maybe I'll set up my parents to video chat so they can learn to skype.

And I'm still in bed, watching the minutes go by and the plans I had for today as my muscles laze into the warmth of the blankets. Hell, I'm typing lying down. Too bad I can't adjust the screen to read sideways. Sometimes things just have to wait, sometimes we just have to wait.

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