Thursday, January 31, 2008

unconscious consciousness

Decided to stay at home today and take a sick day. I endured much of yesterday with cramping legs, sore throat and blazing headache to make a couple of important meetings. I cancelled another meeting, bought some jamba juice, and went home and slept. Oh, for a good 16 hours or so, waking up every couple of hours to see what time it was and maybe take a few more sips of water or juice.

I find that I've often gotten sick around the same time I get a new wire for my braces. I think it has something to do with the wire yanking the teeth which yank the muscles. Or it could just be coincidence, considering the hubby has been sick for the last few days, though I don't know if he had the same symptoms. He coughed the whole time, I'm hardly coughing.

I had alot of strange dreams. I don't usually remember dreams at all. But I do recall seeing a flooding cage of hamsters in my parent's dining room, seeing and speaking to a cousin I hardly new and who had passed away a long time ago, and a strange work meeting that seemed to be occurring in my bedroom because I was simply too weak to get up (OK maybe I was just reimagining how the the previous workday actually went for me).

I feel much better today than yesterday but I think that's mostly because I'm home with the discretion of taking a nap when need be or lying down when necessary. Though obviously, I'm still at my computer. In any case, I haven't been doing any brain functioning activities while on the computer. It's interesting that when I'm sick I can almost feel how much energy it takes to actually do a mental activity.

Anyway, back to resting.

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