Friday, February 01, 2008

Waitfulness or This morning's dream was strange too

This morning's dream was strange too, though I have promptly forgotten what it was. I'm not much into interpreting dreams obviously. Mostly because if it's really that important that my conscious self should know there are plenty of other very conscious omens, signs, feelings, coincidences, or people just straight up telling me to my face what I need to know. In fact, I think I get way more than my fair share, but the spirit world is neither fair nor allows you to share your ability to see these things.

I do remember once crying in a dream and then waking up quite spiritually fresh. I only remember that one because it was such a surprising unconscious dream symbol to conscious feeling.

Oh well. Energy wise feeling like I could leap out of bed, then after I did, my body reminded me that I shouldn't be leaping so high nor so fast yet. So while my mind and spiritual energy as it were wanted to get up and go, for the sake of my body I needed to consciously slow down.

I've been feeling really really hungry, but then I can only eat two tacos. I felt like I could speed walk past a group of students, but had to tell myself to trudge along behind the pack. That my exterior sometimes does not have to always reveal the speed of my interior self. Oh but when they are in alignment, I can imagine how fast I could go! And even then I would probably be better off slowing down and waiting.

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