Saturday, February 02, 2008

it's really not fair

OK so it's probably not that fair to the 3 guys attacking me that I get to have a knife (wooden) too. But hey, life is not fair especially when it comes to self defense. I love doing multiple attack, weapon or not. It's really a ballet in the midst of chaos. And not the West Side Story kind of knife fight.

Here as Americans we go in as individuals on the multiple attack, but when I taught in the Philippines, they were fisherman, so they worked in unison to trap the person defending. In any case, the defense is the same, it requires you to drop one of them quickly and drop them hard so the rest question whether they should continue.

In the video below, I continually take one of them as a hostage until another attacker approaches and then use the hostage as a shield before going after the 3rd guy. It takes alot of timing and patience, but really every little decision making as the choice is always left or right.

My favorite move captured in the video is when I actually slip between two of them. When you start out, you never never split the attackers and always try to remain on the outside of them. But later on after getting the footwork, timing, and some technique down, you can actually pull it off.

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Ernesto said...

awesome. (drool).