Friday, March 21, 2008

feeling the green

It took me a while, but I finally found some pot holders that can hang from our balcony railing. This weekend I think I'll spend alot of time getting the balcony back in shape. Part of having the living room so out of order is that we ended up blocking access to the balcony or didn't even want to go outside, and so neglected the plants.

A few of them are still duking it out. I'm sure the spider plants will come back to life and the fern just keeps on keepin' on. The jade plants seem to be better off when you ignore them. And I'm sure the aloe plants will be forgiving.

In any case, I'm much happier that the plants are off the ground as it was difficult to keep the balcony clean with all the pots on the deck. I think I'll get rid of the big deck pot after my failed attempts to grow a mini-tree. I just don't get enough sunlight on the deck for that sort of thing.

As much as I neglected the balcony plants I am excited to try to revive them because now I feel like I have the energy to do so. It's a time to expand again.

Easter this weekend and vernal equinox yesterday it really is a time of planting and eggs. While the new years had us think about our intentions, this is the time to set our intentions forth, to go from thought to action, intellectual to physical. Not enough to simply say what we want, but we have to do what we want and hopefully by fall we will be able to reap what we sow.

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