Monday, March 17, 2008

turning green: happy st. pat's day

Decided to turn my blog green for the day, since it is St. Patrick's Day and don't you get pinched if you're not wearing green? At least that was the game we used to play in school.

Plan to head to Beckett's Irish Pub after work for a bit of St. Patty's celebration for a trip to the real Ireland will have to wait a while. A cousin of mine is heading to Europe on Wednesday as his very first trip outside of the United States. He'll visit family in Madrid and Paris then do his own version of European bar hopping as he travels to various beer loving countries. I'm both excited and happy for him! Once you get the travel bug, it's really hard to stop.

In the meantime, South America awaits and possibly Yosemite next month. And I've been cruising cruise tour websites hoping to plan a big family trip in 2009, hopefully with a stop to Alexandria to see the pyramids, which would the leave Australia as the last settled continents I haven't been to yet. But hope to add that to the list with a friend in maybe 4-5 years.

Sunday I went and bought the plastic egg easter thingys. We're going to visit the nieces and conduct an in house Easter Egg Hunt. I remember when we were small, we went once to a neighborhood easter egg hunt, but for the most part went around our backyard and house.

The twins are way to young to be introduced to a sweet tooth, so instead I filled the eggs with Disney Princess stickers and Mardi Gras type beads. We'll wait til Saturday to fill the rest with their favorite relatively healthier treats: raisins, cheerios, and gold fish crackers. It should be fun!

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