Sunday, June 22, 2008

cuz they said please

Sunday mornings I usually go to my teacher's kali class in the morning in Oakland Chinatown, unless I'm out of town, have a family function or what not. But I got an important phone message that changed my plans for tomorrow.

Today my dad wanted to see what wooden bowling lanes were like since Albany Bowl is all synthetic. So we went over the hills and into the hotter interior to Clayton Bowl in Concord. Although the walk to the building was scorching, inside was empty and cool. We played three games. By the third game, my arm was worn out and decided to try hitting the pins with as little strength as possible, which we call Guido-ball, named after a guy named Guido who bowled in such a fashion. I made it to the pins maybe twice. Guido could get there every ball with 9s and strikes nonetheless.

Since we didn't have a Father's day lunch we him and he scored a 200 game, we decided to head to Benihana which we passed on the freeway and had the entertaining dinner at 2p complete with shrimp tail tossing and onion volcano. The food was tasty though not completely to die for, but hey you go there for the entertainment.

My phone rings and I get a call from the sister-in-law that I decide to check later.

The message has a small little voice say:

Auntie, Can I go swimming tomorrow in your pool? If you have time. ok talk to you later. bye.

OK maybe not that articulate and it was completely coached by her mom in the background and every other word was kind of mumbled and slurred a bit. Like swimming is more like "schwimming" as if this 2.5 yr old has watched Wayne's World too many times. But oh so cute. You can't help but smile and laugh.

I called the sister-in-law back and let them know we had time in the morning to go swimming. As much as I like going to kali class, going swimming in the morning on a day like today sounded like a MUCH BETTER proposition.

Kali has taught me the value of making sure to take advantage of opportunity. And one never passes up the opportunity for joy.

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