Thursday, July 24, 2008

falling into place

Been having a pretty decent last few days. It happens that the leadership project I got assigned to runs hand and hand with the work that I'm doing, so it feels like I'm wearing two hats every meeting I go to which is has it's good and bad points. It does feel like everything is work. At the same time, I don't have the problem like some of my cohort who can't find the passion to get into the project they're doing because it doesn't relate at all.

Best part of the last few weeks is that all these things I've been planning months ago are finally coming today. That in and of itself is quite satisfying. Managerial work tends to be tending to alot of different things, things that get done when you eventually get around to them, but things that don't really have major milestones or end points necessarily. So it is nice to see things take shape as it were.

Also reading in the meantime, a book called "The Influencer" which describes how to use influence to change the world. They give examples like how does Delancy Street managed to reform so many people without a counselor or psychologist. Or how do you get people to adopt health habits to save a community from a worm disease.I'll probably write more of this book later. If you liked "the Tipping Point" I think you'll like this book as well. It's really a strategic and systematic view for creating change.

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