Sunday, July 27, 2008

time to move things around

Spent Saturday driving in traffic for nearly two hours to finally find parking then hike a mile or so to the Berkeley Kite Festival. We had never gone. I had always wanted to go. Though I think if we ever went again, we would stay at the hotel right next to the park. The kite festival was entertaining and fun. We got to watch the Japanese team try to launch a few of their kites and watched as another that was in the air took out another large kite. Those guys are working hard to tame the air. Plus their kites are scary when they come down, built with light wood and paper. I always like watching the choreographed kites that chase each other like an elite squadron.

Walking back we passed by the Takahara Sake tasting. The sake there was decent, but didn't feel anything was fabulous enough to buy a bottle. They even had a raspberry flavored sake, one of their modern mixes. But since we had gone to Hangar One and tasted their real fruit infused vodkas, you could really taste the difference. But the nice part about this place is that it does introduce alot of people to sake.

Sunday went to Kali class in the morning. My arm which I injured last month still isn't up to par but have been working around it. It was quite a workout mixing through numerous weapons: 3 sectional, staff, stick open hand. I'm not sure what it was, but the hits seemed to all hurt more today. At the end my body rebelled with a nice sharp pain between my shoulder blades. Tuhan did some onsite chiropractic moves on my neck. Thus I spent the rest of the day with really great posture because I really couldn't move otherwise. For me this is usually a sign to rearrange something in the house as I'm sensitive to environment changes. The body is telling me there's something that needs to get unstuck.

Anyway, today's energy went into unstucking the thing known as the hubby's closet. I had reorganized my own closet to better reflect what I've been wearing now. The hubby wasn't sure about me touching his closet, but then I showed him mine. We pulled a couple of boxes which I'll bring to the downstairs closet. I then refolded his clothes while he decided which shelves and drawers the clothes would go in. Later we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and picked up some shelving and various other gadgets, like a hanger caddy, and a tie hanger.

I've been reading the book called, "The Influencer". It discusses the ways that influence works and how people are influenced and uses examples like Delancy Street and the Carter Center ridding the world of Guinea worm disease. It breaks down influence into 6 sections: Motivation and Capability on a personal, social and structural level. I might write more about this later, but certainly if you like "the Tipping Point" I would say, "the Influencer" is a good follow up.

Somewhere in my brain there is a significant and tangible relationship between the book, the closet, and the kites. I just don't have time to discuss that at this point.

Tomorrow is a wine tasting at the Ritz-Carlton. Time for bed.

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