Monday, November 24, 2008

head and shoulders

We've been going to a yoga class once a week. Yes, we, the hubby and I. After several weeks o the Wii Fit, it gave the hubby confidence that he would actually do a yoga class. Hell, he does the tree pose better than I can.

The instructor at the club is quite good and knows how to make corrections in people's bodies and gives alternatives for the people who can't do the poses to the entirety. We get there early and often the instructor of the kick boxing class just before it often tries to honestly promote the class, but you can hear the snarkiness in her voice. What can I say? Yoga is slow and most people only know how to go fast.

I've noticed that I still have alot of stiffness in my upper back and shoulders. I can't raise my arms straight above my head. Maybe if someone moved them into position I could hold them there, but otherwise I can't get them there. I always like yoga class as I always feel taller and lighter afterwards.

This past weekend had kali seminar on double weapons, which was quite a workout for the upper back areas, then went to Sunday class where my body told me, that this was enough.

So here I am Monday, resting in bed with the laptop and a hot compress wrapped around my shoulders, hoping to loosen up all the muscles that have gone awol on me. And I thought I was making such progress too! Though I find myself still doing a bit of work, since I can prop myself and the laptop in such a way that I can still rest, which I can't do even in my ergonomic workstation and chair.

I'm hoping this is my one step back to make two steps forward which is a typical habit in my body. But I guess after I heal from this, I should look to strengthen and lengthen.

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