Monday, May 18, 2009

there's a reason

Correction: Saturday was the 3rd time in my life when 911 had to be called. All 3 times, not for me, but for people who happen to be in front of me.

Saturday was the 2nd time in my life when 911 had to be called.  I guess all those human physiology classes and Red Cross emergency classes have paid off.  I guess that means God had me at the right place at the right time to help my friend get immediate assistance after his stroke.  I pray for his wife who must now be the emotional and physical strength for their family.  She is a strong woman who can endure.

While still cognizant and talkative though slow and slurred, my friend still has a long way to go, alot of therapy ahead of him.  We are grateful for hope.

I was glad to have been there for them.  I wish I could do more, but now we are just in the waiting period as the doctors figure out how it happened and try to find the stroke source to lessen the chances of second one, so he can proceed to rehab.

It is now Monday and the happenings of Saturday morning are just now replaying through my mind.  I must remind myself, that we couldn't have done anything better than what we already did.  That he got to the hospital and was able to get treatment in the first 3 hours and the hospital has a specialist unit in strokes.  To be grateful that it happened the way it did, when the alternatives could have been much worse.

His wife remains at his bedside reminding him how much she loves him, reminding him who's a lucky guy, and that he still has alot to do, alot of things to see.  It's up to him now to find his way back.

It is what he has for years trained in me.  The test of your skill is not in practice, but somewhere out there at a time when you need it the most.  Who you are then, is who you really are.  It is how you live your life.

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