Sunday, July 04, 2004

it's (officially) on

Well, after that she said, “Yes!”
Yes to the opening in the sky
After that she said, “Yes!”
Yes to the laughter of the birds
After that she said, “Yes!”
Yes to the question of the sun.

-From “Before their Words: a Queer retelling of Sondayo and the Wind Goddess”
Maiana Minahal

a grassy mesa. by the clock tower, quarter past sunset. summer fog rolling in. paint splattered blanket. a picnic overlooking the sea. nectarines, bread, grapes, cheese. hungry dogs searching for snacks. the strum of classical guitar. “It had to be you…wonderful you…it had to be you.” box step and twirl. twelve red roses. A blue box as deep as the ocean carrying the darkest pearl. The Question.

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