Wednesday, May 09, 2007

state of the art

While my mouth was full of the cheek separators and bite block, my orthodontist tells me that the ceramic brackets (ie see-through) I'm getting on my top teeth are state of the art, that the old kind apparently took longer to adjust teeth, but that these are on par with the shiny metal ones on the bottom.

They actually look pretty good. From a distance they're not that noticeable, again compared to the metal ones. And they're much smaller than the brackets I remember on my sister's teeth 20 years ago.

They also stuck some separators between the ever so tight back teeth to make room for the back braces next week, so it feels like there's something chewy stuck between my teeth in the back.

They put a wire on my top teeth already as the wires to bring my back teeth in won't really be going in for some time since there's more work on the lower teeth to get done first.

And now along with all my computer equipment, I've got a whole pack of dental hygenic tools (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, small bottles of mouth wash, a tiny in between brush that looks like a mini bottle scrub).

For lunch I had a croissant and soup, as I haven't memorized the full list of items that will knock my braces out of alignment and that list unfortunately lists just about all the crunchy and chewy foods I like to eat. Oh well. Fortunately wine and cheese is still on the edible list, that is, until I get pregnant (and no, I don't know if we are or aren't yet) and the wine and a few of the cheeses will fall off the list as well. But better to fix all this stuff now than 20 years later when it can't be fixed.

I should also be getting a mouthguard in a couple of weeks to wear during Kali. They tell me I can get it in different multiple colors. I saw an example that was blue and gold though I'm not sure I'll go that Go Bears.

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