Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I bought a Nintendo Wii on ebay as I wasn't about to call every store up every day to ask if they had their small shipment come in that day only to fight it out with the 100 or so other people who had also asked if they were in yet. Thank you ebay! Plus I got the package of items I wanted which included a 2nd controller (no fun playing by yourself) and Wii Play, which includes a duck hunt type game and yes, cow racing, which is hilarious as it is fun.

My arms are sore from the boxing game. I still haven't figured out the movement for that and I'm constantly slugging the trainer during the practice module.

The hubby doesn't want to play bowling as he doesn't want to mess up his game right now, but he does enjoy baseball which he says is all the fun without the pain.

You don't have to stand up for any of them if you've figured out the small movements to create all the rotation. Though we might be seeing a generation of wii-itis injuries in 10 years.

I got it on the wi-fi but don't know how to communicate with other Wiis in the universe, but I do get weather and news on it and a web browser.

It's really addicting as the initial learning curve is low and you just keep thinking, oh, just one more time, then it's past midnight.

My sister and her fiance came over to play and we all created our Miis, mini computer game versions of ourselves and the hubby has two, one for him and one for his alter ego.

Once again Nintendo has created a gaming system that on the surface seems just kiddie, like a fishing game, but in the end it brings out the kid in all of us.

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