Saturday, August 23, 2008

on pins and needles

I'll be going twice a week to acupuncture for the next few weeks. I hurt my right arm in kali seminar a couple of months ago and just haven't been able to lift it up like I should, so finally got around to going to acupuncture. I see a good 20% improvement each time I go that lasts a few days, then tapers back. The 2nd treatment, again the arm advanced some more. I decided on treatments twice a week rather than the once a week with herbs.

I opted for acupuncture as opposed to my regular doctor simply because western medicine doesn't really give you much advise on musculoskeletal things. Usually it's a combination of stretching, resting, and aspirin. I tried that for 2 months with not much progress.

While I get stuck on pins and needles, other things in my life are also in the awaiting news that will hopefully be resolved by the end of the month. I'm hoping for good things.

But while I wait, I've become thoroughly addicted to Joss Whedon's completely online show, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog starring Neil Patrick Harris. It's like a blend between the Tick and the Buffy episode, "Once more with feeling". NPH plays a low end villain hoping to get into the big leagues of villainism. He's roommates with "Moist" who is well, moist. His superhero is Captain Hammer who comes off as a big bully. And of course there's a love interest and songs in between. What's not to love?