Sunday, August 24, 2008

out on a date

We went on a date Saturday night, but not just by ourselves but with another couple.

Often when we've gone out with couples, we've gone with couples where we we've been friends with one half of the couple already. This time around we went out with a couple we as a couple had met as a couple which was a pretty different experience since we were both getting to know each other as a couple and as individuals in that couple. Even the hubby was more conscious about what he should wear. And I have to admit that I wore a nicer outfit.

They brought a bottle of wine, which is how we first met them. And we found ourselves both trying a restaurant new to us in Albany. The food was quite good, better than some of the other tapas places we've tried.

I'd say the date went well and we hope to get together again some other time soon.

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